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Description: -Parker stainless braided drain and feed Lines -Plug for OEM feed location in valley -Fitting for turbo Feed -Fitting for engine block oil galley -Turbo drain flange and fitting -Flange for rear engine cover
Condition: New
Price: $195.00

Description: -Parker Stainless Braided #8 Drain Line 30" -Parker Stainless Braided #4 Feed Line 30" -1/4" x #4 Fitting for Turbo Feed -3/8" NPT X #8 45* Fitting for Oil Pan -M14 Fitting for Oil Feed from Engine Block
Condition: New
Price: $130.00

Description: Parker stainless braided drain and feed Lines, Fittings for turbo, oil pan and engine block.
Condition: New
Price: $150.00

Items 1-3 of 3